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Knowledge base: Wire Transfer
Posted by Olga Palikarpava on 13 August 2019 02:14 PM

To make a deposit via wire transfer:

  1. Select Add funds → SEPA in My FXOpen.

    SEPA transfers are performed in EUR. Payments are credited within 1 business day from the moment of payment processing.

  2. Fill in the deposit form:

    • To: Select the account to which you want to make a deposit (eWallet or a trading account).
    • Currency: For eWallet, select the currency pocket.
    • Country: Select your bank country.
    • Bank: Select your bank.
    • Amount: Enter the deposit amount.
    • Currency: Select the deposit currency (EUR). Note: If the account currency / currency pocket and the deposit currency do not match, the funds will be converted at the FXOpen exchange rate.

    Click Next.

    Deposit fee: 0.5 % (minimum EUR 10).

    Minimum deposit: EUR 20.00.

    The generated invoice contains all the necessary information for making a bank transfer.

    To save the invoice, click Download. To view the invoice before printing, click Print.

  1. Use the invoice details to make a payment at a bank branch or via the Internet banking service.

    The invoice is valid during 3 business days.
  2. You don't need to additionally notify the FXOpen Finance department of the payment. The list of the generated invoices is displayed in the Generated wire transfer invoices form. To download the invoice, click Download. If you requested an invoice, but are not going to pay it, click Delete.

How to check the transaction status

The transaction status is shown on the Account Operations tab.

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