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2. List of your Referrals in FXOpen
Posted by on 17 February 2014 02:13 PM

To get the information on your referrals and types of accounts they use for trading log in into your FXOpen personal area and select Partnership → Referrals in the main menu.

Enter the parameters to show the data on your referrals in the table below:

  • your trading account (used as an Agent account); 
  • check 'ewallet' or 'trading account' option;
  • time period;
  • account type of your referral;
  • number of your referral's trading account.
    Click Show.

The following information will be available to you:

  • Short eWallet number;
  • Name;
  • Country;
  • Email (if your referral did not hide it);
  • Volume – the total trading volume of a referral made in all trading accounts;
  • Sum commission – total amount of the referral commission transferred to your account from all the trades of your referral.


Click an eWallet number to get additional information on the commissions from the trading accounts of your referral. The additional information includes:

  • Trading accounts your referral used for trading;
  • Types of the trading accounts;
  • Volume of the trades (in Mio, USD) performed in each separate account for the previous month;
  • Commission amount from each separate account of your referral.
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